About me

Astrid Därr 

I am a passionate adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. My parents took me along with them across the Sahara when I was just one year old. Later, I studied geography, zoology and tourism, explored all the Sahara countries with different 4×4 vehicles, crossed all of Africa from Munich to Cape Town with my old Toyota Land Cruiser, climbed some of the most active volcanos around the Pacific Ring of Fire with my skis and guided trekking and mountaineering trips in the High Atlas (Morocco), on Mount Kenya & Kilimanjaro (East Africa), the volcanos in Kamchatka (Siberia) and Indonesia, and on countless mountains across the Andes, Himalayas and the Alps.

I’ve written more than ten travel books about Africa (mainly Morocco) and am a regular contributor to various German travel, mountain and outdoor magazines. In 2016, I shipped my Toyota Land Cruiser from South Africa to South America, where I continue to return to explore the dusty backroads and snowy peaks of Chile and Argentina. Since 2019 my little boy Nelion accompanies me on my adventures around the world.

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