Travel consultant Morocco

Red archs on atlantic ocean coast. Morocco

I am the author of various travel books about Morocco and have been traveling the country for decades. In an individual consultation (60 euros net/hour) I help you with the preparation, route planning, choice of accommodation and with all questions about traveling in Morocco. I´ll arrange contacts to reliable local agencies and tour guides, e.g. to book a rental car or to take a camel tour in the desert. As a trekking tour guide, I also have plenty of tips to offer for hiking and multi-day trekking in the country, including climbing Jebel Toubkal (highest mountain of North Africa).

 You are welcome to make an appointment by email.

Astrid Därr
Astrid Därr

Als freie Reisejournalistin, Reiseleiterin und Abenteurerin bin ich mehrere Monate im Jahr in der ganzen Welt unterwegs.


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